It’s the end of the world, but it’s time to enjoy the sunrise at your favourite gourmet food shop.

This is the top 10 gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner menus from the UK, which are guaranteed to give you a bit of a rush and have all the nutrition you need.

The list of gourmet meals that make for a great morning include:• Pancakes at Oat Bakery in Southport• Bacon and egg hash at The Pancake Company in Norwich• Egg hash and coffee at The Roasthouse in Oxford• Breakfast at The Grille in London• Breakfast and lunch at the Royal Courtyard in London(top 10)1.

PancakesAt Oat Bakeery in the UK’s capital, Norwich, breakfast is a staple of morning routine.

With breakfast being an everyday meal, it’s easy to forget how busy our society is at times.

Oat is known for its pancakes, which consist of a thick batter made from oats and a few ingredients such as egg yolks and cream.

You can even add some bacon to the batter and fry it in butter to make a delicious breakfast.

If you can’t make pancakes at home, try the Pancake Factory in Leeds, which sells a variety of traditional and home-made pancakes, and is a great place to start your morning.2.

Bacon and Egg HashAt The Pancak Company in the Scottish capital, Aberdeen, breakfast may not be as common as you might expect.

Breakfast at this popular restaurant is a bit different to most restaurants, with an egg and bacon hash that’s served with a sweet and savoury toast.

However, if you can get your hands on some bacon and eggs, it’ll definitely give your morning a kick.

If not, head to The Roaster in the heart of Aberdeen’s city centre for a hearty breakfast.3.

Egg and CreamAt The Roasted in the city centre of Glasgow, you’ll also find a lot of eggs at the breakfast table.

The eggs are cooked to perfection and then served with toast and a sweet sauce to finish the meal.4.

Bacon with Egg Hash and CoffeeAt The Grill at the Old Royal Courthouse in London, the first thing you’ll notice is the delicious breakfast that comes with a fresh egg and cream sandwich.

It’s a perfect way to start the day and, if there are guests, they can also have a cup of tea or coffee as they wait for their food to arrive.5.

Breakfast and LunchAt The Royal Courtyards in London and the Oxford Street Inn in Edinburgh, breakfast and lunch are two of the most popular meals in the world.

They are both great places to start off your morning, with the latter offering a variety menu and offering delicious breakfast, including the Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.6.

Breakfast At The Roastery in London6.

Eggs and bacon at the Egg Factory in GlasgowThe most popular breakfast option is at The Egg Factory, which is a small restaurant and coffee shop located on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

With a range of breakfast and brunch options, including egg, bacon and toast, you can find everything you need to eat when the sun comes up.7.

Breakfast with Bacon and Eggs at The Oat House in BristolThe first thing that greets you when you step into The Oats House in London is the breakfast of your dreams.

The Egg House and Eggs is a traditional breakfast and coffee in the London boroughs of Battersea and Barking.

Breakfast is served in a traditional style with toast, bacon, eggs and tea.8.

Breakfast in the Royal Palace of WestminsterThe Royal Palace, the seat of government in the United Kingdom, has a long history of serving a variety type of breakfast.

The breakfast of the day is typically served at one of the five Royal Restaurants, with a variety options for breakfast such as toast and eggs.9.

Breakfast on the terrace at The Queen’s House in Edinburgh10.

Breakfast for two at the Roast of LondonAt the Roasted at the heart, in the centre of Edinburgh, the Roasters breakfast menu has a number of options.

There’s the Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, a hearty meal served with eggs, bacon toast, and a hot coffee to finish.

You’ll also be sure to find the Roaster’s Breakfast, which features a variety breakfast options including eggs, toast and bacon, breakfast sandwiches, a breakfast bar and coffee.

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