This is a compilation of some of the most significant Biblical statements on food quality.

The Bible is an important source of biblical guidance on many issues, such as food safety, diet, and more.

It is the basis for the dietary guidance of many Christian denominations and for many religious organizations.

Some of the statements are in the Bible but some are in contemporary context.

Some statements are only relevant to contemporary Western societies, while others are relevant for ancient Israel.

These statements are listed below.

In addition, there are references to food items in the text that are not included here.


The Lord commanded us to eat and drink according to His commandment.

We do not have to follow the Lord’s instructions.

This is in Genesis 1:31-32.

This verse states that the LORD will not force us to obey His commandments because we cannot keep His commandments.

This passage is similar to many other verses in the New Testament that discuss food and drink.

Many verses say that we must obey the commands of the Lord (Matt.

5:30-31; Matt.

19:8-10; Luke 1:35; Luke 11:25-27; Luke 17:17).

This passage says that God commands us to do things according to the commandment of His Son Jesus Christ (Matt 1:39; 1 Cor.

12:10; Heb.

9:12; Acts 10:24-26).

We should do the same with food and drinks (Matt 5:31; Heb 2:5; 2 Cor.

1:10-11; Heb 6:10).


We should not eat of the fruit of the vine that the Lord has not commanded us (Exod.


We eat of all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other fruits and vegetables that are grown according to God’s commandments.

However, we should not use the same fruit or vegetables in different dishes.

This includes breads and pastries, cakes, pastries made with wine, fruit juice, and juices.

In this passage, the word “fruit” is used twice.

This makes sense because “fruit of the tree” means “the fruit of a tree” in Greek (Genesis 4:21).

It is not clear why the apostle Paul was referring to the fruit in this case.


The fruit of that tree is in the form of the fig tree (Gen. 19; Deut.


This is another common reference in the Old Testament to the fig fruit.

This fruit was a common ingredient in breads, cakes and pastas, and was used in many other foods.

It was also used to make wine (see John 8:26-28).

The word “fig” is in Greek and means “fruit.”

This means the same as “fruits,” “leaves,” or “trees.”

The fig tree has a fruit that is called fig (Exodus 12:21; Deuteronomy 6:6-7).


If we eat of figs and prunes (Lev.

14; 15; Deu.

14-16), we will have no more disease (Deut.

18:7-8; Deo 20:11).

This commandment says that if we eat the fruit, it will not make us sick (Lev 13:18; Deue 14:1).

In other words, we will not get sick from eating the fig. It also says that we cannot eat prunes that have been picked without first washing them (Lev 14:16).

The Apostle Paul clearly meant that if you eat prune fruit you will not have disease.

This command is also in Lev 14:14-15, where he tells us to keep clean all things that are made with hands.


If you eat of any tree in its bark (Deu.

19), you will have disease (Num.


This verse is also known as the “fruit tree” because the fruit is said to have a “fruit in its trunk” in the Hebrew Scriptures (Num 22:21-22; Deuch 28:14).

This was a reference to the bark of a fig tree, which is a type of tree that has a root that reaches into the ground (see Genesis 5:24; Deuk 32:11-12).

The apostle Paul also said that if one ate the bark (which is not the fruit) of a fruit tree, they would not have much disease (Gen 17:3).

This statement is a reference that the fruit tree is a symbol of health, healthiness, and healthfulness (see Gen 5:26; Deuc.

10:7; Gal.



If anyone does not wash his hands (Lev 17:14), they will become sick (Deuc.

14.16; Heb 14:18).

This same verse is often translated as, “If you do not wash your hands, you will become ill

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