The grocery store has long been the source of pride for many Canadians, but its reputation for quality has fallen in recent years as the popularity of online shopping has led to more competition.

And the new, high-end brands like Whole Foods Market and Costco are proving to be a big draw for people looking to save money and get fresh food.

Costco is no stranger to controversy, with the company facing a backlash after the death of a customer in 2016.

But this time around, the company is taking a hard look at the issues and is focusing on the needs of its customers, says Costco Canada vice-president of sales, Mike Langer.

“We are going to continue to take the best customer service products we can and continue to innovate and create a better experience,” Langer said.

A new, more competitive grocery store is also part of the plan.

“Costco will continue to be the home of the best, freshest, and most quality groceries that you can find anywhere, in any size, in all of Canada,” said Langer in a statement.

That’s something the grocery store hopes to achieve with the new store.

Langer says the new location will open in mid-October and be located in the centre of the city.

The location will be able to serve up fresh produce, frozen, dried, packaged and packaged meals, as well as other items, he said.

Costco says it is also offering the new business a new menu, which includes a selection of “fresh, organic, healthy and delicious” products.

The new store will also have a new section on its website called Costco Food Store, which will include a variety of items like fresh baked goods, jams and jellies, dairy products, fresh baked meats, fish, baked goods and prepared foods.

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