Gourmet Food Catalogs owner Peter Bevan says he has been gutted by NRL banning players and that it’s “absolutely gutted” the NRL have ruled against his businesses.

Key points:Bevan says it is “absolutely heartbreaking” to see the NRL ban players from eating at his storeThe company is already under fire after losing $5 million in a “major” incident in which it was shut downBevan’s business, which was once a popular food and drink destination in Auckland, has lost a significant amount of money over the past few months and is already in debt.

“We’re gutted.

We’ve lost $5m,” he said.”

The NRL has banned players from entering the Auckland and Wellington markets, but Bevan said the ban was still in place.””

If they’ve been looking at this business and saying, ‘look, we want to do something with you, we don’t want to put you in a position where you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself, because you’re not going to get the money that you need’, then I think that’s the most gutted response.”

The NRL has banned players from entering the Auckland and Wellington markets, but Bevan said the ban was still in place.

“The NRL have not acted in the best interests of our customers and our customers have been suffering,” he told NRL 360 on Wednesday.

“They’re not getting the same amount of food as other stores that are in the market, they’re not eating more food, and they’re definitely losing money.”

You’ve got to be realistic and take a hard look at the situation.

“If you have the best interest of the players, they should be allowed to be in our stores and be able to shop.”

Bevan said he was in discussions with other companies, but was confident the Auckland market would remain open for a while.

“It’s going to be difficult for them,” he added.

“But I think they’re going to go back to their normal routine, and we’ll all just get on with our lives.”

New Zealand Rugby League chief executive Dave Smith said he “deeply regrets” the ban.

“Our game has been a huge success, but we also need to acknowledge that our players’ welfare is of paramount importance,” Smith said in a statement.

“While we will not tolerate violence on our sport, we will respect the right of players to make their own choices about whether to participate in our competition.”

This ban is not an appropriate response and will not allow for the safe and respectful competition that our game is known for.

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