I was at a restaurant on the East Coast and a young man who looked just like me was sitting at the bar with a few friends.

He was smiling and had just ordered a beer.

I was nervous about being in his presence for too long, and he told me he had been looking forward to seeing me again after a week on the island.

The man had a hard time seeing me because of the tropical heat and humidity, but I smiled and took his order.

“I can’t wait to see you again,” I told him.

We ate together in his kitchen, and as the conversation turned to a story about Hurricane Irma, I realized that I had been sitting next to him for more than a year.

The restaurant owner, who is not named in the article, was a Puerto Rican who was in the U.S. Virgin Islands when Irma devastated the island in September 2017, and I was a tourist visiting his home country for the first time.

We sat next to each other at the table and talked about the storm and how it affected Puerto Rico.

The conversation turned toward Puerto Rico’s economy, which was still recovering from decades of poverty and neglect, and the island’s recovery.

As we talked, he said he had come to the U to start a new life.

After that, he and his family returned to the island and the Dominican Republic, where he grew up.

“We wanted to leave the island,” he said.

“But we didn’t know what would happen next.”

Hurricane Irma was a monster, a Category 4 storm that caused major damage to the Caribbean island of Dominica.

A U.N. report from July 2018 says that more than 8 million people were displaced and that some 3 million had been forced from their homes.

The U.K. has declared the island a “territory of emergency.”

More than 3,500 people were killed in the storm.

In Dominica, people were fleeing to the mainland and to the United States, and people from Puerto Rico were forced to flee to the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo to escape the storm’s destructive winds.

Dominica’s government had no money to help rebuild its battered economy.

The island has only one airport and it lacks power.

More than 300,000 people in Dominica lost their homes in the hurricane, according to the World Bank, and Dominica has had a budget deficit since its 2011 declaration of bankruptcy.

The Dominican Republic has had one of the highest rates of childhood poverty in the Caribbean region.

It’s also one of Dominicans most-traveled destinations, with more than 11 million people visiting each year.

There are currently more than 4,300 people living in the Dominican islands temporary shelters.

“In Dominica and the Caribbean, you don’t really have a system of support,” said Luis A. Diaz, the Dominican government’s director of humanitarian assistance.

“There’s not a government, there’s not an agency that provides money.

You just have to rely on yourself.”

The Dominican government did provide food, medicine and other basic needs to the citizens of Dominicos homes, but the United Nations and other aid organizations had little success in helping the Dominicans rebuild their economies.

The government was struggling to pay for imports from the U,S., and its international donors.

The United States was also helping the Dominican economy by paying for food imports.

The food imports were necessary for the island to have enough food to feed its residents.

Dominicans also had to pay taxes to fund social services.

In July 2018, the U the Dominican territory of Dominican Republic announced a plan to import food, medical supplies, and even a helicopter to help Puerto Rico recover.

A helicopter was supposed to be delivered on Sept. 25.

“They said they were ready for the delivery of a helicopter, but when it arrived, it was full of the food, the medical supplies and the supplies from the United Kingdom,” Avisa Martinez, a member of the government’s national food security committee, told The Washington Times.

In December, the government said that it was going to begin receiving humanitarian aid from the Dominican Government.

In February, the United Arab Emirates said it would donate $2 million to help the Dominican government rebuild.

The new Dominican aid was supposed a week ago, but some Dominicans are worried that it will take too long.

“It’s not going to be fast enough, we have to start from scratch,” said Pedro R. Martinez, the executive director of the Dominican Federation of Food, Agriculture, and Forestry.

“The food, it’s already been there.

There’s not enough food, so we’re going to have to rebuild.

We’re going not to be able to have a normal life.

And then what’s going to happen when we can’t eat?”

The Dominican Government has had to rely heavily on the United states and other donors to assist the country in rebuilding.

The relief package,

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