With a population of about 10.7 billion, India is India’s third-largest country after China and Bangladesh.

And despite being India’s second-largest economy, the country is also the world’s third most densely populated.

But it has one big advantage over its big two: it has a lot of food.

A lot of it.

India’s food supply is a vast area, but the government is not always transparent about where it comes from.

A government spokesperson says the country has “a food surplus of about 70 billion tonnes,” but a recent survey by the World Bank suggests that figure is far less.

In this video, we explore India’s food crisis and what you can do to eat healthy.

We visited a few restaurants in New Delhi that are known for their vegetarian offerings.

We also ate some delicacies like curry, curries, and kabobs.

Here’s what we found out.

The food in India is not what you thinkIt is a great place to eatThe best restaurants in India are mostly vegetarian and don’t serve meat.

The cuisine is simple, with ingredients like tomatoes, beans, and coconut milk.

But the food itself is not.

India’s vast food surplus, which was estimated at around 70 billion tons in 2015, is a lot less than the 1.3 trillion tons estimated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

In some places, the food comes from animals that are kept for meat, but there is also an increasing emphasis on non-meat alternatives.

There are some organic and grass-fed options, but most of the food in the country comes from cows, pigs, and poultry.

We sampled some of these dishes at the local deli.

There are no vegetarian options in the Indian capitalThis was not surprising.

It’s not like India has a huge vegetarian population.

The Indian government has made efforts to diversify the food supply by investing in a variety of food production, including rice, beans and pulses, but these efforts haven’t been enough.

India is home to more than 100 million people, but about 80 percent of them are not vegetarian.

India has a massive food surplusThe country’s food shortage is estimated to be somewhere between 40 and 100 billion tons.

There is a large number of reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that the food we eat is a huge area, and most of it is in small batches.

The largest quantity of food in circulation is produced by just a handful of farms, but farmers are also often dependent on their own land to grow food for their families.

For example, the largest farm in the state of Punjab produces rice, which is a staple in India.

It has a market price of about Rs.10,000 per kilogram, but only about 2 percent of it ends up in the shelves of the major Indian grocery chains.

This is a farmer’s field at Thakur village, the most densely-populated village in Punjab.

We visited the fields and found that the average size of the land was about 1.6 acres.

We could not get any of the vegetables we were hoping to get, as most of them were on sale at low prices.

There is an urgent need for food securityA recent study found that around two-thirds of the world is in dire need of a food security.

A recent study published by the International Crisis Group found that more than 20 million people in the world have hunger or malnutrition.

And more than 60 percent of the people in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia are facing food insecurity.

In India, this is even worse.

According to the World Food Program, India has about 30 million people without access to a basic income, and about half of them live in rural areas.

As a result, millions of Indians are living in dire poverty, and a lot is at stake.

The Indian government needs to help the poorFood insecurity is one of India’s biggest problems.

It is estimated that India is responsible for almost 20 percent of global food insecurity, and many of these problems can be traced back to the lack of access to basic necessities.

A lack of basic food is one reason why India has the world to itself.

India is the world leader in per capita income inequality.

India ranks third in per-capita gross national income, after the United States and China.

India, by far, has the largest per capita food waste in the entire world, according to the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization.

According the Food Waste Management Council, India wastes about 10 million metric tons of food per year, which comes out to about $11 billion per year.

The waste is then passed on to poor households in India, who have to pay a fee for the waste to be collected.

In 2016, India collected more than $1 billion in food waste.

This is a massive problem for India.

The government has tried to solve the food waste problemWith its government, the government has started implementing the government’s Food Waste Action Plan, which aims to provide

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