Gourmet Food subscription provider Gravitas is looking to raise an additional $1 million in venture capital to build a business in the space of two years.

In a presentation to investors on Thursday, the company outlined its vision of the company.

Gravitas currently serves more than 4 million meals per week, and it is planning to offer subscription-based and online offerings to help it expand to a wider audience.

It aims to serve 50 million meals annually by 2019, with about 10 million of those meals being delivered via delivery-based methods such as Uber and Amazon’s delivery service.

The company said it is currently testing a service in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, and expects to offer delivery in more countries as well.

It said that by 2018, it aims to deliver to over 150 million people in the United States.

In its presentation, Gravitas said it has been looking for partners in the past, including traditional food companies such as the restaurant and grocery giant Subway, as well as venture capital firms and private equity firms.

The presentation also detailed plans to scale the company into a “gourmet delivery network” that would offer delivery of more than 5,000 items per day.

By 2019, Gravities plans to offer a delivery service for a total of 2,000 meals per day, with delivery being done in both self-service and by a delivery driver, the presentation said.

Gravities has been testing a delivery-driven delivery system in Australia.

Photo: Supplied By 2019 it plans to add delivery options to its menu, and by 2020 it aims “to expand to other markets as well,” according to the presentation.

The funding would come from the venture capital arm of New Enterprise Associates, which is a private equity firm based in New York City.

Graviosa currently operates in two cities, Sydney and Melbourne, with plans to expand into more locations in the future.

The startup was founded by a group of friends from New York who met in New Zealand.

The group decided to launch Gravitas in 2017 after discovering that delivery was not feasible for many foodies, and in 2017 Gravitas launched a delivery app, Gravity.

It also acquired a food delivery service called Gravitas Express in 2017.

The Gravitas app has now launched in New Jersey, California, Arizona and Florida.

Gravias founders and CEO Robyn Glynn said in a statement the funding was “hugely significant” in the food industry, which was “a critical area of growth”.

She said the funding will allow Gravitas to hire and train additional staff to grow and serve the growing number of people looking to take advantage of the Gravitas service.

Gravitas also announced that it is working on a pilot to help the food and beverage industry expand to new markets.

“Gravity is going to be the world’s first subscription-only food delivery provider,” Glynn told investors during the presentation on Thursday.

Gravitas has been in existence since February, when Glynn launched Gravitas.”

In the meantime, we will continue to focus on our mission to serve our customers and their families.”

Gravitas has been in existence since February, when Glynn launched Gravitas.

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