WASHINGTON (AP) The chain of burger shops in the heart of Washington is getting a boost with a major upgrade.

The chain of eateries at the U.S. Capitol has hired its first full-time chef, making it the largest chain of its kind in the nation.

The company hired David Schoeneman to be its chef of the year in February after his experience at The Greenhouse at the Mall and a stint with the chain at the Capitol, where he served as a restaurant manager.

Schoeneman says the new chef is in a unique position to learn new concepts and grow the brand.

Schoneman was a chef at Greenhouse before he joined The Greenhouses in late 2015.

He’s also been a member of the chain’s executive team.

The new position is a win for Washington restaurant owners who have struggled to attract customers and get restaurants up and running.

The Capitol has been home to the Greenhouses since 2008, and the chain has had an impact on the city’s culture.

“It’s a big change, and we’re very happy about it,” said Jim Guevara, co-owner of The Green House, which was acquired by the National Capital Park Foundation in 2013.

“We were the first to be able to open in Washington.

We’ve grown so much.

We had the most restaurants per capita, and that has made a big difference.”

Guevaras wife, Linda, said the restaurant business is changing, but that it’s still very much rooted in the Capitol.

“This is our home, and as we look at where we want to take the business, we’ve found that there’s a great opportunity,” she said.

The Washington restaurants are all owned by private businesses, with the Capitol Restaurant Association and The Green Houses owned by The District Restaurant Association.

The restaurants are expected to reopen by late summer.

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