With no cheese, bacon or meat to fry or cook, it’s not uncommon to find vegans opting for the meatless option.

But what about the cheese?

For those of you who aren’t too keen on using the meat of a cow or a chicken, you can make your vegan cheesecake using a variety of cheeses, including almond, cashew, cashews and hemp.

The main ingredients of a vegan cheesecakes include milk and egg whites, vanilla extract, and honey, which can be made vegan as well.

For more vegan cheeses to try, check out our list of the best vegan cheeseca’s around. 

To make a cheesecake, you need to get rid of the ingredients you don’t need.

These include butter, cream, milk, sugar and eggs.

All of these ingredients are added in order to thicken the batter. 

Next, you’ll need to make the batter by heating water with a fork in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

This will cook the milk and eggs into the batter and allow them to separate from the rest of the mixture.

Once all of the liquid has been added, you will have about a half a cup of batter.

Add a little more milk or butter if needed, and add the remaining ingredients. 

You’ll have a thick batter that you can use to top your cheesecake. 

For the best results, make your cheesecake ahead of time and freeze it.

The cheese can be eaten immediately or frozen for up to a week. 

Want more delicious vegan cheescakes to try?

Check out our vegan cheeseccakes list. 

Find more recipes on Fox Sports:

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