A woman who claims she was forced to work at a restaurant in Indianapolis was working as a “gourmet food server” when she was raped by another employee, according to a woman who said she was assaulted at the restaurant.

The woman, identified only as Jane Doe in court documents, told police she had been working at the Gourmet Food Store in Indianapolis for about a month when she said she went into a bathroom to use the restroom, where she says a customer entered the restroom and raped her.

“She was really scared and had to run for her life,” she said.

The restaurant owner and two other employees of the restaurant, however, denied the allegations.

Police found a video on the restaurant’s website that showed a woman standing outside the restaurant with the door open, saying she had just finished her shift and was about to leave.

The video was shot sometime after 2 a.m. on April 13, according the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The other employees told investigators that the woman told them she had worked for the restaurant for about three months, that she was on a three-day contract and that she had no criminal history, according a police report.

The employee who shot the video told police the woman was “very nervous” and that when she got out of the bathroom she felt something hit her backside.

She said she tried to stop the assault and that the man told her she was “going to get raped.”

She also said that when they were leaving, the woman tried to grab her purse and called 911.

The customer was identified in court records as Andrew Lee.

Lee was also arrested on April 18 after police said he was seen leaving the restaurant around 2 a:m.

by the same woman who had been at the store for about one month.

He was charged with one count of rape, according an Indianapolis Metropolitan police report obtained by Vice News.

The incident took place inside a bathroom and the restaurant owner told police that the employee had told him she was a prostitute who had come to work and had worked at the location before.

“This employee has been working for the G&M Food Store for several months and she is a prostitute,” the owner told detectives.

The owner also said the employee was known to have a history of having sex with women and said she had recently had an incident with a female customer who was not her wife.

Police said Lee was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail in Indiana.

In court documents obtained by VICE News, Lee’s attorney argued that the alleged victim was too scared to tell police the truth, because she was afraid to go to police herself.

“Ms. Doe’s statement that she did not want to go back to the G-Mart because of her fear of being exposed to a man she did know is false,” attorney Robert Satterfield wrote in court papers.

“No reasonable juror could conclude that Ms. Doe would lie about being a prostitute in the absence of credible evidence that she has been sexually assaulted by an individual who knew her.”

The victim’s attorney said the evidence of the sexual assault was a lie.

“In this case, the victim was a liar, she is lying about this, she was coerced into making a false statement, and she does not deserve to be incarcerated in this situation,” attorney Scott Ransom said in a statement.

“The victim is a self-identified prostitute who is terrified to speak up and she should not be forced to lie about her ordeal and suffer this false accusation against her.”

Indiana’s sexual assault laws are so weak that prosecutors can charge an employee of a restaurant with a misdemeanor, according, a prosecutor.

“It’s a felony to commit a crime of coercion against a victim who is not an employee,” said attorney Mark Rucker.

“That’s really what’s going on here.

According to a review of the Indiana Code of Laws by the Indianapolis Business Journal, the laws in Indiana only apply to businesses. “

I can’t see how you could convict this person for anything.”

According to a review of the Indiana Code of Laws by the Indianapolis Business Journal, the laws in Indiana only apply to businesses.

“Indiana’s Sexual Assault Laws are extremely vague,” said lawyer Robert Saperfield, who has represented sexual assault victims in other states.

“They do not cover anything related to sexual assault in general, but only to a crime involving force, fear, intimidation or coercion.”

The law in Indiana does not include an exception for people working at businesses.

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