The Gourmet Food Show has premiered in France, with a host of stars including chef Adriennes Gourmet Foods, pastry chef Lucie Laffanot, ice cream chef Yannick Marceau, chef Daniel Proulx, and a chef from New York City.

“The Gourmet” has a focus on foodies, but it is also open to all foodies.

The show is a collaboration between a network of chefs and producers in France and New York, and the show is also supported by a global network of restaurants.

The network has aired a version of the show in Italy and Italy is planning to have a version on its network later this year.

This marks the first time that a French-language TV show has been picked up by a U.S. network.

It was picked up for a second season by the SyFy Channel, which airs in the U.K. and France.

The SyFys version is expected to air later this summer.

The first episode of the first season of “The Chef’s Table” premiered in March.

The series was created by French chef and restaurateur Olivier Mireille and premiered on SyFY in July.

Mireielle, a chef and chef-in-residence at the Michelin-starred Michelin Guide in Paris, has also created cooking programs for other major networks including E!

Entertainment and Bravo.

The Chef’s List is the first American cooking program to be picked up.

It aired its first season in June.

The shows launch was praised by some chefs, who praised the show for its attention to detail.

“It is not only a great example of cooking in France but also of French food culture,” said Chef David Burda, co-owner of Burdas Bistro in New York.

“This is an American television show and it has great authenticity, which I find amazing.”

The network is also expanding its presence in France.

SyFyt is planning another season of the series, which will premiere on January 27.

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