What if you could have vegan sushi, vegan macaroni and cheese, vegan pasta, vegan burgers and vegan desserts?

There’s a restaurant you can have your cake and eat it too.

That’s the idea behind the Vegan Restaurant of Vancouver, and it’s already open in one of the city’s newest neighborhoods.

The Vancouver Vegans restaurant is located at 562 Seymour Ave.

on Seymour.

The restaurant is an outpost of a vegan restaurant in the city, The Vancouver Vegers, and is now open to the public.

The restaurant has been open for several months now and has attracted a lot of attention from people looking for a place to eat out in the area.

While most of the vegan restaurants in Vancouver are in the Downtown Eastside or the West End, the Vancouver Veges are located in a neighbourhood known as the Pearl District.

The Pearl District is a densely populated neighbourhood with a mix of people, which is why the Veges restaurant is a great addition to the neighbourhood.

According to a press release from The Veges, the restaurant will serve food that is sourced locally and offers vegan options to the general public.

The menu includes vegan items such as macaronis and pasta, tofu burgers, vegan milkshakes, and vegan ice cream, and the menu is limited to vegan options only.

The Vegan Restaurant has opened in the Pearl district in Vancouver, BC, and now it’s only open to members of the public for now.

We are looking forward to seeing how the Vancouver Vegan Restaurant evolves over time.

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