Food writer and food blogger Gourmet Magazine asked readers to nominate their favourite burgers and then narrowed it down to the four that would win the Gourmet Food Awards.

We had four burgers that we would pick to win the gourmet awards: The Burger Burger, The Burge Burger, Krusty Burger and the Kruste-Burgers Burger.

The Burger Burger came in at number two, followed by the Ketchup Burger, the Kegel Burger and The Creme Burger.

In the end, the Burger, the Burger Burger and Krustie Burger all won the award for best burger.

But if you’re looking for something a little different than the usual burger and fries, you could be in for a treat with this Burger Burger from the Kwik Burger.

We asked you to choose between two burgers, and you chose the Kerk Burger, which had a soft, buttery patty and cheese patty.

The Kerk also had a caramelised onion and tomato sauce, but the ketchup didn’t seem to work with the burger.

The Burger Burger was then the runner-up, followed closely by the ketchups Ketchup and the Cheeseburger.

And then there was this burger from the Gummy Ketchup:So what do you think?

Does the Ketchups Burger really have the best taste?

And which burger is your favourite?

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