Gourmet food chains are banned from operating in the province because of the health risks, the Ontario government announced Monday.

Gourmet food shops and restaurants are prohibited from selling, serving or serving food in designated locations, such as food courts, in Ontario because of health risks.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said the Food and Drugs Act restricts the sale of all food products.

Gym food stalls and eateries have been operating in Ontario for more than two decades, and some have raised concerns about the safety of eating at gyms.

Health Canada’s health officer, Margaret McClelland, has recommended the Food Safety and Standards Commission of Canada (FSSC) consider banning the use of the gyms for food service or eating purposes, in accordance with the Food Products Safety Act, or food processing, food processing equipment or equipment used in processing food products, or the food and food products safety code, if they do not comply with health regulations.

The new measures, announced by Health Minister Deb Matthews, would also prohibit gyms and food court operators from selling food or food products in a manner that would “substantially contribute to the promotion or control of the consumption of food or foods.”

Food court operators would have 30 days to stop selling food and other food products for consumption at their establishments.

They could also be fined up to $5,000 and have their licences suspended for a year.

Food service businesses that serve food must be registered with the FDA and must provide food service workers with all the required health certificates, including a food allergy or medical history certificate.

The food safety act requires that food establishments must adhere to a health code, which requires that all food sold must be tested and certified for food allergies, and that workers are given access to an individualized list of allergens that are present in the food.

The regulations also require that food served at food courts must comply with the “food safety program” set out by the Food Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, which sets food standards and regulations for foodservice establishments.

The FSASC has yet to set an expected date for a decision on whether to lift the ban.

The FDA has said it expects to make a final determination about food safety regulations for Ontario by the end of May.

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