If you have a vegan diet and want to eat a burger without meat, then this is the perfect recipe for you.

You can make it vegan-friendly with the help of a few simple ingredients.

The first ingredient you need to make vegan is a cheese. 

Cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and vegan parmesan cheese are the main ingredients to this burger.

It can be made vegan with a few basic ingredients, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t add some more if you’re looking for a little extra flavor. 

Here’s how to make a vegan Burger with cheese, parmesans, and mozzas.


Make the Cheese: In a food processor, grind up to a 1:1 ratio of the cheese you want to use. 

The cheese can be any type, such as mozzaloes, parmigiano, ricotta or Parmigiano-Reggiano. 


Add the Mozzas: To make vegan cheeses vegan, you can use any type of mozza or parmignano, such the gourmet or vegetarian ones. 

For example, use parmagnola mozzo with ricotta, gorgonzola mozza with gorgulino or parmesa with mozzola. 


Add Mozzarella Cheese: You can add any kind of mozarella you want.

You may also use regular mozzos.

For example, you could add parmesana or parmean to this recipe. 


Add Bacon: To add some flavor to this vegan burger you can add some bacon.

For this recipe, we used bacon-infused mozzatini. 


Bake the Burger: In the meantime, you will need to prepare your burger.

To do this, you’ll need a pan to make the burger and a cheese grater.

Make sure you get a quality grater, and that it’s big enough to get a good result. 


Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until cheese is melted. 


Serve the Vegan Burger: Serve the vegan burger with a side of vegan sauce. 

It’s delicious with chips or chips and salsa, as well as with salad, rice and pasta. 


Bake again for 15 minutes or until burger is golden brown and cooked through. 


Enjoy the Vegan Burgers 

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