This year, KFC has introduced its own brand of holiday gift-giving: the K-mart gift card.

As we wrote last week, the idea of an online shopping destination where you can pick up your next K-Mart gift card was a big one.

K-Marts were a big part of the concept of the Kmart gift cards as well, and they are still around today.

And it’s possible to get one at the gift shop, which is where the KFMB Gift Cards and Gift Cards Gift Cards will be distributed.

For the time being, they are only available at KFC.

But there’s a new KFC-exclusive gift card available for you, too: a $500 gift card to Kmart.

If you are an active Kmart customer, you can use this gift card on the KMarts gift card program, which you can do right now at Kmart’s website.

You’ll get a $250 value, and if you spend $500 on a Kmart Gift Card, you’ll get $250 back.

It’s also possible to spend $5,000 on the gift card and get $100 back.

That’s $5 on $100 of savings, and that’s what you get if you buy a K-Card or K-Flex Card.

Kmart says you can get a gift card up to 10 days before it goes on sale.

The Kmart K-Gift Card program is limited to $5 transactions per day, but the gift cards are $50 value, so you can buy a bunch of them to get around the limit.

And you can redeem the giftcard at K-marts locations nationwide.

But it’s worth noting that, in some markets, Kmart is offering a special K-card promotion with purchases of $5 or more, with a $50 discount for Kmart shoppers.

The promotion will expire on May 11.

If that sounds like a good deal, then get to K-moards gift card site and buy your $500 K-mobile gift card for the next few days.

KMart will also give you the option to redeem the Kmobile Gift Card online at, so it will be easy to redeem online.

If this sounds like it would be a good idea, you may want to get your Kmobile gift cards for K-Mobile from the KMart website, which will be free to use.

So there’s not a lot of overlap here, and it may be a better idea to get the giftcards from the same place.

If not, it may still be a great time to get a Kmobile or Kmobile K-gift card if you’re a KMO.

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